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Terms & Conditions

Please read the ' terms & conditions' carefully before you register with Webatlas Technologies Pvt Ltd.


The following Terms and Conditions by Webatlas Technologies are a legal agreement between Webatlas Technologies & its clients, for the purposes of website design or development.
These Terms and Conditions set provisions under which the Client may use the services supplied.

The Developer/ designer/ managers is a professional offering the Client graphical design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and other related computer programming languages.

Basic Terms:

1. All material provided during the creation of your site will not be returned unless requested.
2. Domain names are not confirmed until your site goes live.
3. The copyright and observation of other third-party copyrighted material is the responsibility of the contracted client and not that of Webatlas Technologies.
4. We reserve the right to use all designs produced during the production process in our portfolio of work.
5. Statistics provided by Webatlas Technologies may be subject to some contortion caused by automated website spiders adding hits to the stats records. We monitor this regularly and make changes where necessary to remove automatic hits. This may cause occasional changes in website data.
6. A small ‘Website Design by Webatlas’ link will appear at the bottom of your website’s pages. This helps us promote our services.
7. If you have paid for your project upfront and you cancel your order, the amount paid is non-refundable


1. All invoices are to be paid on the invoice date.
2. Initial payments/deposits on all service e.g. website design, logo design etc are non-refundable.
3. If you have opted to pay monthly, your monthly payments will start a month from the day you signed up. This fee repeats every month thereafter until you close your account through the cancellation method shown above. (Same with the annual payment procedure)
4. We reserve the right to pass on any charges we acquire as a result of late, declined payments.
5. To request automatic payments to be cancelled you must contact our support team. If your automatic payment is taken through PayPal you can cancel this directly with PayPal. You have found information on how to do this here. If unsure please contact PayPal customer support.
6. In the improbable event that a website builds takes longer than 3 months where the delay is mainly due to a client’s failure to provide required information while we have requested multiple times for that information, we may request and require the outstanding balance of any invoice for that service to be paid in full.
7. Late payments will be subject to late payment fee.
8. If an account is closed due to non-payment / late payment then we reserve the right to request the full balance on the account to be cleared before the account is reactivated.
9. If any payments remain unpaid, we will write to you giving 15 days notice to pay. If payment is not made within the given time-frame, a final late payment fee will be applied and the case may be referred for a group through the courts.

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